Sunday, February 12, 2012


Dear Friends,

Keeping the meme alive the past two months has been a real struggle for me. It's not because I don't love doing it, because I do. However, I finally got into my doctor who goes beyond blood tests and have discovered that my thyroid has slipped into hypo again. It's not a shocking revelation - I thought I recognized the old symptoms, even though they aren't as bad as when I had them before: the pressure in the front of my head that makes it difficult to think clearly, the sheer exhaustion from half a day's work, insomnia and mid-to high anxiety that takes a toll.

I thought maybe I would continue to do the meme through it - after all, my brain argues, it's only once a week. But the various missed Sundays bother me - I'd rather go on hiatus than be branded "unreliable." So please forgive me for taking a couple of months off. For those of you who are in the genealogy realm my mother (the Hummer of Branching Out Through The Years and FranEllsworth on Twitter) will send out a tweet when I am blogging again. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook (Aine Maura) or on Twitter I'll be sending a shout-out as well. I think that pretty much covers everyone - if not, let me know and I'll send an email.

I know some people think when a blogger takes a break they're gone for good. I hope you don't think that about me. I'll believe I'll be right as rain quickly with adherence to the doctor's orders. Until then, everyone keep writing those wonderful personal histories one story, one slice at a time. :)




  1. I hope you feel better soon. As some one who has been on thyroids meds for 30 years, I understand. Hard to believe one little organ like that can cause such problems. I'll look forward to your return to blogging, hopefully soon.

  2. Take care of you, we will be here when you have things more under control. Now, take care of Aine and follow the drs orders.

  3. You've got your priorities straight. Far more important to care for yourself and yours. We'll be delighted to see you back when ever that may be (I do hope soon).

  4. I haven't been very good at keeping up with the memes :-(

    Take care of yourself! Your health is much more important than the meme :-)