Sunday, April 24, 2011

Slice of life #49: Religion

For those of you who celebrate

Easter, I hope it was special

The same to our Jewish friends who

should be wrapping up Passover.

Since these are religious holidays,

I figured it was time

to write about religion itself.

Religion, whichever ones you do or do not believe in, is a big part of our lives. Even if you are atheist, you have your reasons for not believing the same as your religious neighbors. And even if you aren't religious, chances are your ancestors were. This week we're going to concentrate on you. This prompt is a three parter - pick one.

#1: Write about the religious traditions you grew up with in your family. Do you continue in those traditions? Why or why not? Or have you created your own? What do you hope for your children/grandchildren in future years to come?

#2: Write how religion has influenced your life - or why you are not religious. Whether it's the picture your Catholic Grandmother had hanging in her living room or the Jewish neighbor who piqued your interest in Passover. Somewhere along the way you've probably had a conversation or eighty where religion was discussed. What was it that brought you to your religious convictions today?

#3: If you're really brave, write your testimony of your religion. I don't know why, but it seems for many people this is a scary thing to do. One of our favorite treasures from a Baptist Great-Great-Grandfather is his Bible that he read nine hundred and eighty-seven times (he kept a tally in the front) and had his testimony written in the back with certain scriptures marked. Obviously a very religious man, it was his convictions that helped me piece together some mysteries left behind by his daughter. I'm sure he didn't mean for his testimony to help me like that, but it did. What a treasure it will be for your posterity to know what you believed!

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