Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slice of Life #40: Candlelight Dinner

Wow - Lisa has some great tintypes on her blog,
and Elizabeth!! LOVED the jelly shoes.

Awesome stuff from last week!

This week, we're headed out to eat. Or in to eat. I've always thought a man creating a candlelit dinner at home was so romantic. If you've never had a romantic candlelight dinner before, don't despair - there's more than one way to look at this prompt.

I chose the words "candlelight dinner" because I wanted you to think fancy. Maybe it was dinner with your dad, mom, family, spouse, sibling or best friend. Fancy restaurants, candles on the table with TV dinners put on the plates to look fancy, tea time with some special (I know - I'm stretching it, but I think it applies), wedding recital dinners, etc. Just so long as it has the element of something special and a fork. ;)

Now, to get your mind thinking over your memories. Maybe Dad took you out for a special date when you were a teen. Or perhaps you and your friends had a reunion in a nice restaurant. Prom. Weddings. Graduation. Of course, some people just don't do fancy, and that's something to write about too - why not? For those who have never been treated to a fancy place - why haven't you treated yourself to a fancy meal? Also, everyone expects fancy meals to go right - maybe in your case things went WRONG. That's a fun angle.... ;)

Lots of choices. Looking forward to reading yours!

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