Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slice of Life #41: We're Going to the Zoo... Yup! Yup!

Thank you ladies for your
contributions. I know I was inspired
by your thoughts.

I see more candlelight in my future. :)

The look on the monkey's face is priceless.
You decide which one. ;)

So this week, I thought we'd do something a little fun. I have always loved attending the zoo. In fact, my husband and I have done season passes for Christmas for about ten years now, where ever we live. Lots of good memories. And ohhhh goodness. Visions of class field trips on the big yellow bus, frozen soda wrapped in tin foil and peanut butter sandwiches come to mind!

And of course, sometimes I FEEL like I'm living in a zoo! I remember my mother quoting Bill Cosby's "We're going to the zoo" many times while growing up because of the craziness in the house.

So this week, take the prompt "Going to the Zoo" and have a ball - whatever that prompt means to you!

BTW - in case you don't recognize the title, it's from Bill Cosby's Wonderfulness. ;) Here's the clip since this week I'm in for giving some giggles:

Can't wait to read your stories!