Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slice of Life #39: Fashion

Thanks so much for sharing your
sports stories!

You'll be surprised what everyone
came up with.

Mom in the 70's dress she made herself.
That's my Great-Grandmother behind her.
70's fashion - love it or hate it?

This week, let's focus on fashion trends. Hate or love them, you can't deny that they're there. What would you bring back? What do you wish went the way of the dodo bird and never resurrected itself? What fashion was your FAVORITE dress or what picture makes you sit back and laugh yourself silly? Are you a slave to the fashion trends, or are you a rebel?

Can't wait to see what you come up with! See ya next week! :)


  1. Oh my what a picture for you to choose. MOMe

  2. I love it........thanks so much for sharing...and your just as pretty today as yesterdays...........lov ya...

  3. I think I will skip this week, I have no fashion! I wouldn't even know what fashion is! :) Look forward to reading what others have to say!

  4. Netty - No worries! Sometimes things just won't resonate with you, and that's totally cool. I appreciate your stories when the prompt does stir up memories though! :)

    Mom - you totally crack me up. :D