Sunday, January 30, 2011

Slice of Life #37: Emotions

Thanks to Netty and Hummer last week.

Hummer posted a gem from the radio era
and Netty posted one that made me laugh....

Probably because I need a "time out" too!


Tinkerbell - you might not speak Pixie,
but you know exactly how she's feeling.

Just as we have memories tied to people, places, and things, likewise the feeling of an emotion can evoke strong memories. Grief brings back the details of a funeral. Side splitting laughter reminds you of sitting up late and watching Mel Brooks movies with your husband. Embarrassment flashes back to the time you went into the men's restroom in Wal-mart because they had them flip flopped in the new store. Watching your child's rage puts you back on the bus when that bully tried to force you to sit in a different seat and you said no.

This week, the prompt is to write about a time or event in your life that you experienced a strong emotion such as joy, fear, pain, anger, achievement, love, even peace. So many to choose from - you only have to pick one. ;)

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