Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slice of Life #35: The Family Business

Thank you everyone for writing about
your pets.

A lot of you are NOT pet people.

I find that oddly fascinating. LOL.


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Ready for this week's slice of life?

Here we go:

My husband and I awhile back
in front of his catering truck.

Yeah - not my best pic, but one of the
few I have of the truck.

My family is peppered with the entrepreneurial spirit. My Great-grandpa helped run a family business. My Grandpa had his own business. My dad owned his. And my husband is always moving on to the next business... don't ask how many we've owned.

Because of this, I'm always fascinated by those who have pictures in their families of farmers, or business owners sitting in front of a store, etc. If you have a business in your family tree, lucky you! You've got a reason this week to finally write about that.

If you don't, do not despair.

A few months back I did a prompt that said the J.O.B., meaning, a job that YOU had/have. This time, let's focus on one your father, mother, or ancestor had that somehow has affected YOU. Maybe you were left alone for a few hours in the day until Mom made it home from her job. Maybe your Dad took you out to lunch where you met the mayor of the town. Grandparents have been known to share trade secrets with grandchildren. Whether they were a gardener, doctor, lawyer, businessman, nurse, astronaut, waitress, door man, truck driver or construction worker.... they all have their parts that somehow leak into our homes. OR... maybe your dad was one of those that didn't want his work mixed with family, and so left it at the door. And that's something to write about too!

Ready? Set? Go!

(PS: Don't forget to come back to read the award list later this week!!)

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