Sunday, January 9, 2011

Slice of Life #34: Pets!

Thanks to everyone
who shared their stories
with us - if you missed any,
please go back and check them out!

Our sweet Bexar sitting in "his" chair

Pets have a habit of becoming members of the family. We care for them, and they in turn share their lives with us. Yes... even fish. Some of you know about Lazarus, the goldfish we had that would hang upside down while he played dead until we'd get close to the fish tank - then he'd pop back up and act like he was hungry! Crazy fish... we were so sad when he died. Or maybe she? I can never tell with fish.

So share about a pet that has touched your life, whether it was your pet, a family member's pet, an ancestor's stories of a pet, a neighbor's pet... okay, you get it. Furry, scaly, feathered - let's hear those pet stories! :)


  1. I am going to try and catch up posts wont be in order but they will be done.; )

  2. Greetings Texasblu,

    I have awarded your blog the Ancestor Approved award (which Jo from Images Past awarded to me). You can read about the award in this post, and you can also copy the official Ancestor Approved graphic.



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