Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slice of Life #23: Costumes!

Thank you for the "treat" stories last week.
It's so fun to see where people go with the prompts.
You think it'll be pretty much the same, and then they
come out all different!

My husband and our oldest
in Pirate costumes.
She was 3.
Don't ask how old HE was. ;)

In case you haven't noticed a sort of theme... you will now. Now, I know some people don't like Halloween and all that comes with it, so the prompt is "costumes" in hopes that if you a person with those beliefs, you might be able to incorporate costumes worn for skits, plays, and other fun things like Christmas Caroling in Galveston or whatever!

But if you ARE the sort that gets a kick out of dressing up for Halloween, this prompt is about highlighting your favorite childhood/adult costume, the work you put into sewing for a child, scaring people with your rubber mask, or making someone jump as you moved across the yard in your mummy outfit.


If your writing for family history, the same for above applies. People have been dressing up for Halloween for quite a few years now so chances are you don't have to go back very far on the family tree for some stories there. What I wouldn't give to see some pictures of my Great-Grandparents in costume. I know they dressed up. Well, some did. ;)

So tell us your stories..... Ready? Set? GO!