Sunday, October 17, 2010

Slice of Life #22: TREAT!

Last week's tricks were hilarious!
Great reads for some giggles.
Same girl,
2010 dressed as one of Shakespeare's fairies.
She's growing up fast!

Since last week we wrote about the tricks in our lives, let's write about the treats this week. We've all received a treat - whether it was the school teacher who put a big smiley face on your paper, the elderly neighbor that watched you while your sister was being born, your Grandpa that saved your life from pneumonia or your husband that gently put the cake in your mouth even though you shoved his in.

I think the hardest part this week will be to choose which treat you want to write about! If it's overwhelming, most mothers or Grandmas had that special something that they made for their little ones. Write about that... and if you have it, post a recipe. Recipes are an important part of Family History too!

For you FH people, did your ancestors indulge in acts of kindness? Was there one or two that impacted society in a positive way? What a treat! Share, share! =)

Looking forward to reading some SWEET stories this week! (I can't help it - I always loved the cheesy lines in He-Man growing up too! LOL!!!)


  1. WOW, Cannot believe I am first.

    To my LDS friends, I hope you won't take exception to my post, tis all about the Bro's, not the beer. I value you all, and do not wish to offend.

  2. Carol, there was nothing offensive in your post to the LDS faith. We all have plenty of relatives that drink - no biggie. It was a FABULOUS post! =)