Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slice of Life #21 TRICK!

Did ya'll check out the harvest posts? Some really great sharing going on!
Thank you for your stories! They enrich us all!

The Deviled Egg - 2007

Halloween is almost here.... are you ready to "trick" or treat?

This week, let's write about the tricks in our life. Pranks we pulled, jokes played on us, April Fools, or the, "that's a pretty good trick" moments that we sometimes pull off.

Family history folks, write about a prankster in your family tree. Everyone has the "nut" that marched to a different drum. Let's hear about him/her.

Wow - I kept that short and sweet, huh? =D


  1. Look forward to reading everyone's this week!

  2. I loved the Deviled Egg costume. Very clever!!

  3. Annette, everyone's posts have been cracking me up - they're fabulous!

    Cindy - thank you!! She's a creative girl!