Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slice of Life #24: Communications

Thank you Carol and Netty for your slices of life last week!
I think Carol's right - I think everyone else was busy
making costumes - certainly true of my mom!!
She and I will have ours posted by tomorrow,
and anyone else that wants to post something
on costumes you are more than welcome to
do so and we'll come check it out -
just be sure to leave a comment!

My sister and I have arranged to fly my mother up to Idaho for Thanksgiving. She's going to be here in just a few weeks. Woo-hoo!! While we were doing all the phone tagging, Skyping, and emailing as we worked out details, I thought about my Great Grandmother. I know... whaaat? Well, she lived to be ninety-three years old, and I was always fascinated that she saw the world go from horse and buggy to cars, airplanes, microwaves, and telephones. I used to think how cool that would be! And now I remember rotary phones and Commodore 64's and the first cell phones that you needed to be built like He-man to carry around! So much has changed!!

Since we're coming up on the holidays, I thought this prompt would be a cool one to do. Write about how communications have changed during your life span, or an important phone call you've received (or made), letters of correspondence, your first brick... I mean cell phone, making the change to email & blogging, etc. It's pretty open.

For Family History, this is going to be a fun one! Transcribe letters, pick someone to write about what communications were like during their lifetime, party lines, etc. Okay, party lines weren't all that long ago....

Enjoy, and have some fun with this!


  1. Hey everyone, Susan and I are the late comers so far on last week's entry, so come on by and see what we've posted! :)

  2. They were great!! OKKK, I got mine up again, at the last minute so to speak. This one was a bit harder for me. Must be all that Tana packing has me distracted (that's my excuse and I am stickin to it! LOL)

  3. Phew, I made it on time this week!!

  4. I Loved the ladies posts. I put up my Sentimental Sunday one for this because it was transcribing the Hero's poem Oh mercy so much to write about and so little time to accomplish it all.