Sunday, October 3, 2010

Slice of Life #20 - The Harvest

Thank you to everyone who participated last week.
Mine will be up later today, in case you were wagging
your finger at me (my mother is). I've been
away from the computer all week.

Who doesn't love fall when all the fruit starts to fall from the trees & the potato farmers are digging up their crops putting the smell of fresh soil into the air? Fall is full of Harvest dances, pumpkins, fresh corn on the cob, canning, gorgeous moons, blazing trees, and all sorts of goodness.

The prompt this week is simply, THE HARVEST. I realize there are those of you who live in the city and may not have have the enjoyment of picking fruit straight of the tree. Many people today don't know how to preserve their own food. I invite you to write about any aspect of fall/harvest that may have touched you.

Family history folks, I KNOW our ancestors knew how to store their wares. They made beef jerky, preserves, put root vegetables in the cellar, etc. Grandma would have been extremely busy this time of year. Anyone still on the family farm that's been in their family for 100 years? That's so cool. And if you have a recipe for Grandma's apple pie preserves or something like that - that's even cooler. (I ♥ that kind of stuff!)

Have fun!!!


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year for sure.
    I have linked up to a post I did the other day. I love canning but have learned to do it in small batches so it isn't a marathon of work. You can whip about 6 jars of something in no time with a minimum of mess.

  2. Lousy photo, poor condition, but the memories that come with it are NOT!