Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slice of Life #19 - "Get Into My Car"

I need to express gratitude to every one of you for your patience. I do take the meme
seriously, but this morning I couldn't get to it.

Thank you, thank you for participating last week!
I have to say, those random picture posts were

Maybe I'll do that again sometime.
As Cindy said, "It was hard to choose."
Me too!!

My teen dream car.

The car is kind of the unsung family member. When it's sick, it can sure gum up production. We spend a lot of money on maintenance. Well, or we don't, and it expires at a younger age. They don't take abuse very well, but can sure show us a good time.

I was thinking how in the early days of motors almost every family has a picture of family members lined up around a car because it was such a big deal. I've read stories about people hitchhiking before it was dangerous, walking because they could afford gas, or getting stuck out on a picnic. Are there any car (or lack of car) stories in your family tree?

Add to that for our personal histories. There might be the van you took fishing, or the Volkswagen bus you cried all the way down Independence Pass in, the Granada you bought cheap because you thought you could get the smell out of it (but you couldn't), or heck - the car that you dreamed about but haven't purchased. YET.

(Yes, pretty pink lady, I'm talking about you. Someday, we'll be BEST BUDS!)

Pictures are optional but sure are fun to look at! Can't wait to read what it was like getting into YOUR car! =)


  1. Another last minute submission from Carol, whew! Almost decided on a pass, then, started looking at photos, and ta da, next thing I knew, it was written! LOL

  2. Glad you contributed Carol! Those were great stories! =)