Sunday, September 12, 2010

Slice of Life#17: Chores

Thank you for joining us last week!
Quite a few family history entries for the J.O.B.,
so if you missed any, go back and check them out. =)

I know it sounds strange, writing a slice of life about chores, but the way we do things today aren't the same as they were yesterday, and will be different in the future. I love the story of my Great Grandmother who, when she got her first washing machine, would whip the dial around. "Mother," the kids would tell her. "You don't need to do that. You'll wear it out." She'd smile and nod, and then when she thought no one was looking, she'd whip it around again. I get such a giggle out of that story - now I know where I get it!

So write about doing chores as a child, or how you handled chores with your kids. Maybe you did the lawn with Grandpa, or you have a story from the family tree about your Great-great Grandmother's baking day. Maybe you'd like to talk about how easy chores are now that the kids are gone, and that's saying something too! Chores are a part of daily life - let's have a peek inside you & yours. =)

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