Saturday, September 4, 2010

Slice of Life #16: The J.O.B.

Thank you for last week's sharings. We had some really neat entries!
If you missed them, the links are still there. =)

This week, let's write about a J.O.B. I'm always fascinated about what my ancestors did for a living. It makes a huge difference in lifestyle. In fact, one of my husband's ancestors died very young due to an occupational hazard when he was still in his 20's - he worked in the railroad fields & got caught between two railroad cars!

So for the family history writers, pick an ancestor and find out all you can about their J.O.B. So what if they were a teacher - did they teach in segregated schools? If they were a preacher/reverend, what did their duties entail. Where was the restaurant they cooked for? What kind was it? You get the idea... the more detailed you can get, the better the flavor of understanding you'll have of what that J.O.B. was like.

For personal history, write about a J.O.B. you've had. If you've never had a J.O.B., then write about your spouses job. If you've never been married - your father or mother. And so forth. ;) We're talking the boss, the co-workers, the commute back and forth, did you love it, hate it.... it's all part of the "home-to-work" cycle, and a BIG slice of our lives!


  1. I could have gone on forever, decided to save some of what I learned reviewing for this for another time.