Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slice of Life #15 - School Daze

Whew! We made it through the sneaky snake entries.
The snake in a can gets the most points for originality...
I never thought we'd get an entry like that one.
"Tastes like chicken.. speaking of chicken..." Ha-ha!
Thanks everyone for joining in!!!

Well folks, it's September. In some places school started a week or more ago, while in other places school is just about to start. Of course, if you're an Aussie, that's a bit backwards, but work with me - I'm just going by what I know.

This week, let's relive a pleasant school memory (I know we have the other kinds, but after snake week, I think we could use a breather!). It could be a favorite teacher, winning an award, finally having the light bulb come on about Trig, or being invited to participate in recess. Elementary, Jr. High, or High School - they're all open for this prompt. Let's save college for another time. ;)

For family history, choose an ancestor and write about their education. Did they go to the one room school house? Home taught? Wear uniforms? Boarding school? I remember how shocked I was to learn that what was once called "8th grade education" was actually the equivalent of high school in today's standards - it gave a whole new perspective on the kind of education some of my ancestor's received, while others who were living in poor sectors got very little. Do some digging, and see what you come up with - you might be surprised.



  1. Cindy's link comes up to her last week's post. you have to click on her blog name to clear it for the new post. Can you fix it?

  2. Like Frances, it was the Band memories that got me!