Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slice of Life #13 The Water Hole

Thank you for the Fire stories -
and I have to admit, I was surprised....
no pyros! :D

We're winding up the end of summer here. Folks are making a mad dash to fit in those last minute vacation plans while some folks are already sending their kids back to school. So I thought, what haven't we hit on yet that smacks of Summer?

Ahhh.... the water hole!

Meaning, of course, your choice of writing about swimming, boating, fishing, beach combing, sunbathing, etc. If it's got to do with water and hot summer rays, it's game.

The same goes for Family History. My mother's community growing up had a swimming area that all the school aged kids used in the 50's. I remember going to it (now closed down) and being fascinated with the bones of the buildings. We have a picture of my Great-Grandmother in her bathing suit attire from the 1920's looking real snazzy. Our ancestors retreated in the Summer to the water holes as well; the challenge is to pick a story or picture and write about it!

Splish, Splash - get your goggles on! Ought to be a fun one this week! =)


  1. To many memories. I felt ADD. Hey we need to do one on snakes before the summer is over. Gardenia and Mom and I were laughing that we have lots of those that need to be written down ;)

  2. SNAKES? Um.... I dunno. Let me think about that. People were weirded out enough over the bugs!