Sunday, August 8, 2010

Slice of Life #12: FIRE!!!

Thank you for your dancing stories!
Some of those were boot stompin' fun!

I have no reason for picking the prompt "FIRE", except back in June at a writing conference I attended, one of the authors speaking said that if there's one thing boys LOVE, it's FIRE. He said most men have at least one, if not more, fire story to tell. Well, I may not be a man, but I have a few stories of my own....

So lets hear them. Campfires. Fires in the fireplace or wood stove. Forest fires, homes burning down. Fire is unforgiving, quick, and destructive. It's also warming, intimate, and even seductive (with the right person - ahem).

For Family History stories, you could write about a pioneer ancestor cooking over an open fire on the prairie. There's the Great Chicago Fire, fires during wars, fires built to keep the warm during the winter.... I'm sure there's a branch in the family tree that's been singed a time or two. ;)


  1. Great prompt! I had fun writing this one.

  2. LOL - and there we have diversity. Thanks guys for participating!

  3. Mine's up too, finally, long week! LOL

  4. Carol, I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one! ;)