Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slice of Life #11 - Dancing

Thank you for the heartwarming friendship posts last week! Beautiful sentiments were shared - if you missed them, you might go back and check them out.

Now, I have an apology to make - I am WAY late posting this week's prompt. I don't have anything exciting to report - simply that I popped a ligament in my ankle last week, and because I'd been trying to stay off of it, I thought today was Saturday! Not only that, but I was a week behind - it's AUGUST!! My mother called to see what had kept me from posting, and burst out laughing when I explained my complete confusion at my husband telling the kids to get ready for church this morning. Oh my!

I thought since it was a messed up ankle that created such folly, let's write about something that requires the use of it - DANCING! This prompt should be an easy one. For Family History, you could write about traditional dancing that's your heritage. I'm sure somewhere along the family tree there's a "dance" story - dancing's been around forever!

Personal history folks, there are so many options. Embarrassments, dance partners, particular dances, dancing with the mop, dancing in the Capitol building, dancing classes.... oh goodness! The possibilities are endless - you could even write about why you DON'T like to dance! This should be fun! :)


  1. I love to dance. I once said I would never marry a man who could not dance. So when I got married I married a man who was a wonderful dancer, horrible husband, terrible father. 2nd time around married a man who was a horrible dancer, good husband, good father. Hmmmmmm makes u wonder lol.

  2. LOL!! Redbeard is a HORRIBLE dancer, but a great husband and father too! :D Still, I have hope that SOMEDAY he'll get dance lessons... SOMEDAY. heehee!

  3. Dance lessons don't always work. lol. I have shared a previous post that I had done before. It is still my favorite dance story.

  4. I have two left feet, and my husband hates to dance. So we watch. :)

  5. Shhh Mom - don't ruin my hope! :D

    Karen - watching is fun too. We do a lot of that as well. Loved your story! :)