Saturday, June 26, 2010

Slice #6 - Summer Storms

Thank you for your document stories!
Those turned out to be fun!

Lightening over Idaho Falls
caught on camera by my husband

In Houston during the summer months, it seemed you could set the time by the thunderstorms that rolled in everyday around 3:00 pm. Wicked thunder and lightening seem to break up the lazy weather landscape with brute force. And we're all affected.

This week, let's hear about you or your family weathering out the storms. Anyone survive a twister? Flood? Have you ever evacuated for a hurricane? Or perhaps you or someone you know have participated in efforts of relief. Have you put together hygiene or red cross kits for refugees? Did you have some stay with you when they lost their home?

In family history, weather was a blessing and a curse. A storm could ruin a crop in the blink of an eye. Folks hid in root cellars from tornadoes, and Galveston was devastated in 1900 by a hurricane. Mud slides have wiped towns off the map, and vessels have been lost at sea. What has your family tree been through?

Can't wait to read your tales!

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  1. I had too many to pull from. Hope this one was worth anyone reading. The one that I thought about writing about was too personal. Maybe I'll write about it in my journal tonight

  2. I had to combine a Hero story with the storms...enjoy.

  3. I like Little Miss Sunshine had too many to choose from, but, I did manage to narrow in on one storm. Looking forward to future memes. Thanks!