Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slice of Life #7 - Fireworks

Thank you for your harrowing Summer Storm stories.
Whew! What thrilling rides!

Someone on the Net had a better camera than we did. ;)

This past week Canada just celebrated Canada Day, and today is the 4th of July for Americans. Celebrations abound. No matter where or when, fireworks have been around a LONG time and have delighted generations of old and young alike. Fireworks are something that all can relate to.

So this week, let's hear your family fireworks stories. Tell us how they did it in the "old days" of Grandma and Grandpa. Parades, bizarres, or town picnics. I happen to know in SE Idaho, there used to be "dance halls" - not the saloon type, but large buildings built especially for the community to get together for dances when celebrating. The Forth of July was one such occasion - I'm sure there were fireworks in there too. Maybe there's some stories like that in your family tree.

Or tell us about the time your uncles and your dad were throwing firecrackers at each other. Or the time your husband burnt the seat of his best-friend's mother's new minivan (and his buttocks) because he thought he could light the firecrackers and then throw them out the window - that was closed (sadly, yes, I know the person with this story).

For personal stories, is there a particular celebration that sticks out in your mind? Have you watched fireworks on the water? In a big city? Private showing? Lots of choices. Even feel free to talk about the day leading up to the display - homemade ice cream, cookouts, carnivals, or fairgrounds. Anything goes here - so long as they end up with a BANG! :)


  1. This is a fun prompt. I can imagine the younger set's memories. RedBeard should join this one.

  2. OK, I wrote about my strongest memory of fireworks, a warm good one for me.

  3. I hope to read more cheerful posts than the one I wrote :-)

  4. Thanks ya'll for joining in! It's been fun to read these. :)