Saturday, June 12, 2010

Slice #4 - Reunions!

Loved the berry stories we read this week -
some touching, some gave a giggle.
All so sweet. :D
Thank you!

The Vance Family Reunion
(Below is seating chart)

During the summertime you hear about folks going to this reunion or that one. School reunions, family reunions... long time friends and family who haven't seen each other in years finally getting together over the summer break. Let's hear about yours.... or your ancestors. They had reunions too. Maybe you'll want to write about the reunion after being away at war, or two sisters finally speaking after years of self imposed not speaking.

Perhaps you won't want to talk about yourself or family at all, but witnessing a reunion might have changed you in ways you never would have dreamed.

Any kind of reunion! We're looking forward to see where your mind goes with this one! =)

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  1. Ya'll play all week - I'm going to a writing conference and will be away from the internet until Saturday. I'll come visit your posts then. :)

  2. The post was a good one to work with

  3. Use my second link. The first one did something weird.