Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slice of Life #63: Games Kids Play

This is an anything goes prompt. ANY kind of game that you'd like to write about is up for grabs. Ideas include but not limited to might be: board games, checkers or chess, outdoor games such as Red Rover or hide-and-seek, arcade games you were addicted to, card games your Grandparents taught you, vintage games such as jacks or marbles ... or if you were really creative, write about a game you once made up!

Dust off the fun memories and let the writing begin!


  1. I am still debating wither I want to go back and write for the past weeks that I have missed, It has been fun reading the entries of everyone!

    Here is mine for this week!

  2. Hi. Once again you brought up some old memories with your prompt. Also, while looking for one picture of my brother and mom playing Trivial Pursuit, I found some other pictures I have been looking for.