Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slice of Life #62: Howdy Neighbor!

Mr. Fred Rogers
(who was every kid's neighbor in PBS land)

I just talked to a man today who was in Japan when the Tsunami hit. He was explaining how living quarters are experienced there - quite different than rural Idaho!! He shared with me how the culture of "don't do anything that might inconvenience your neighbor" is deeply ingrained at an early age. Here it seems the thought is, "Don't tick me off, and we might get along."

And that got me thinking how we all have neighbor stories. The sweet elderly lady next door or the grumpy old codger. The wars over water rights, the couple that the police frequented, the kind neighbor that brought soup over when she found out you were sick, etc. There are as many neighbors as there are people. Pick a neighbor to highlight in your slice of life stories. OR if you want to get really personal, you might even attempt to write about the kind of neighbor you ARE, or the kind of neighbor you ASPIRE to be.

See ya next week, neighbor! :)


  1. Great idea! You've made me think about the wonderful next store neighbours we had when I was a young child. I think sometimes adults don't realize that, with kindness, they can have a profoundly positive effect on the life of a young child. Every time I think about these long ago neighbours it brings a smile to my face. Thanks for the reminder.

    Cheers to you,

  2. Hi! I posted my neighbor story on my blog. Thanks for the prompt!

  3. I chose the latter.
    Good prompt. : )