Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slice of Life #58: Chocolate


Last night at 10:00pm my husband rolled in the last of the of our stuff from the old house. So we are now officially moved. However, we still have to unpack, a process that brings to mind the benefits of having something chocolate around the house. :)

So this week, let's write about the chocolate we've consumed over the years. Did it help you get through a tough time? I know a woman who ate three pieces of Godiva chocolate once a week to help her stay on her diet the rest of the time. Is it your favourite flavor of ice cream? I would have been lost this week without my Triple Chocolate Cake ice cream! Did you have strawberries and chocolate at your wedding? Have you ever shared you last bite of chocolate cake with someone else? And on and on we could go. (Reminder: If you have a recipe you love, that's good to record for future generations too!)

This week should be extra yummy to write about!


  1. Here is my entry for this week! I will try and write over the next few weeks, but I don't promise anything as I am headed on vacation! Can't wait to see other's post!


  2. My little chocolate slice of life has been posted. Happy memories.

  3. And here is mine:

  4. Wow guys! Those were great this week! Here's mine: WHITMAN'S SAMPLER

    Thanks for sharing this week. Netty - have a GREAT vacation! :D

  5. Texasblu, it isn't letting me go to your site. It says the blog doesn't exists!