Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slice of Life #45: From Scratch

Thanks for the stories, ya'll.

Mine will be up tomorrow. I tried to
get it done, but I'm doing good getting this

This week, I want you to think back to the days before convenience foods. Maybe you have a tradition where you still make certain dinner's with Grandma's recipes. Did you ever sit on the ice cream bucket while your uncle cranked the handle? Did you make butter in a mason jar or watch Grandma churn the cream? How about the special way Mom shaped the pie crusts? Ever go to a bakery and watch them knead the breads? Or attend a cooking class? That counts too.

There is an art to making food from scratch - an art that many of us don't indulge in any longer. Close your eyes and remember those special times when art was a memory.

Now go write it down. :)

PS Recipes ARE welcome!

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