Saturday, May 29, 2010

Slice of Life #2 - HEROES

Thanks to everyone who participated last week! Those were great firsts!
Round of applause to everyone!
(Because I love clapping and laughter)

And now, the prompt:

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the states. Since we aren't all in the same country, I thought I'd open this prompt up to something a little wider. Write about a hero that has in some way touched your life.

My Mom's HERO

My Dad

Ideas for shaking loose the memories:

It could be someone you admire, and strive to emulate. How about recalling that terrible day the fire and policemen on 9-11 lost their lives in the line of duty? I know a man who got a letter from Fred MacMurray and it changed his life forever - Fred became his hero. Do you have a friend or family member that died in the armed forces and you'd like to share about?

For the family histories, maybe there's a particular ancestor that has become your hero as you've gotten to know them. Or you learned of a story where a heroic act of service was rendered during the 1930's depression. Need to record that WWI story you've been meaning to get to?

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Folks become our heroes for different reasons. We're sure looking forward to seeing who YOUR heroes are this week! Oh - and don't forget to come back and link to Mr. Linky!!


  1. I love this whole concept! I wanna join in! I am inspired and am already thinking about what I will write on a hero.

  2. Oops... not sure if I did this right. I linked to my blog but I haven't written my post yet.

  3. Okay I linked and it showed for a second and now it doesn't aargh! but I love how I start out writing one thing with the prompt and then I usually go somewhere totally unexpected once i start writing. Thanks Texasblu!

  4. Elizabeth - that's fine - we'll find it!

    LMSS - it's showing up. :)

  5. Thanks for the prompt. I have linked and love what the others have written so far. Will come back later to check.

  6. Oops! Anyone know Pat? I clicked on her link and went to Facebook. I don't want anyone thinking we didn't want to read their contributions!