Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slice #1 - THE FIRST

Welcome to Sharing a Slice of Life! Since this is the first prompt of this meme, let's celebrate by sharing about a FIRST in our histories.

Remember how it felt to lay money on the table for that first car? Or how excited you were on your first date? Or not? What about sinking your teeth for the first time into a bite of Calamari?

Perhaps you have a story to share about your ancestors that were the first to step on American soil. Or Grandma had a funny way of using her first washing machine (that looked nothing like ours today!)....

The first of a series of letters
my Great Aunt wrote me before she died.

Life is full of firsts! Which one are you going to serve us this Sunday? We look forward to finding out!

PS Don't forget to come back and use Mr. Linky!!


  1. OOps I copied the wrong link the first time. So I am there twice, the second is the correct link. Off to sleep then to church. Thanks for the fun.

  2. Welcome to the Geneabloggers family. Hope you find the association fruitful; I sure do. I have found it most stimulating, especially some of the Daily Themes.

    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Dr. Bill ;-)
    Author of "Back to the Homeplace"
    and "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

  3. Good luck with your meme. I have been neglecting my ancestry blog so badly that I didn't even notice my 1 year blogoversary today until someone commented on it.
    Now that is a first too.

  4. Thanks ya'll! It's an exciting start!

    Thank you Dr. Bill - I look forward to getting to know everyone there a bit better. :)

    BTW - does anyone know "Cindy"? When she put in her link on Mr. Linky, she put in this blog's URL instead of her entry. I hate for folks to not get to read her contribution!

  5. We have found Cindy - she's now in the linky system. Thank you!

  6. Oops, so sorry, glad you found me!

  7. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for Firsts!!

  8. It was so hard to decide on a first!

  9. So I'm running a little behind but here goes...