Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slice of Life #82: The "Dash"

Recently I have been asking myself, "What is holding me back?" There are some things I want to accomplish that I feel I should have already done, but still have neglected to take the steps to make them happen. It's not that they're hard or out of reach - it's simply a matter of, "there's always tomorrow." It's that dash in the middle of here and there that gets in the way.

So this week's slice of life is, "What's your dash in the middle?" Is it getting on the treadmill?
Buying that CD to learn a new language? Is it taking a class so you can get that raise? Making a phone call to start repairs in a relationship? Booking the flight so you'll finally take that vacation?

I posted this song because I love how they show each boy stuck in a situation - immobilized. And then each one moves into "the dash." Whether you dare to move or not is up to you - first, let's write. ;)

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  1. Excellent. And I have just the post for this one. "Finally", she says.