Sunday, December 18, 2011

Slice of Life #79: Christmas Carols

Blogger gave me fits last week and it's still acting up. For some reason all it shows me is html code - not the usual compose screen I'm used to. I hope this is just a glitch... but as they say, the stories must be written regardless. Please forgive spelling errors and what-not - I can't proof in this mode.

Today as they announced in our church that services would only be an hour long I reflected over my favorite Christmas: the year that Christmas fell on Sunday and the entire congregation sang nothing but Christmas Carols for one hour before we said prayers and went home. It was a beautiful service!

I have other favorite carolling memories: hay rides with carolling and hot chocolate, singing in pageants, listening to certain songs put me back in a particular moment, and there are those that stir me from the depths of my soul. How about you? How have Christmas Carols touched your life?

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