Sunday, September 4, 2011

Slice of Life #68: Beautiful YOU

Photo my daughter took this spring.

Time to sit straight in your chair and tell us all about what makes YOU so wonderful. Cast aside those silly notions that it's wrong to toot your own horn. How are generations later going to know about your terrific-ness if you never tell them?

What are your best features? Your eyes? Your legs? Your hair?

What makes you stand out in a crowd? Is your laugh contagious, your smile warm, or your hugs sincere? Your ability to quiet a child in a grocery cart?

What tastes do you have? Is it your taste in music, your love of art, or picking good books to read?

What talents have you acquired (or would like to)? Cooking? Running a business? Home decor?

Each person is not only unique, they're also a genius in their own way. Time to shine folks - let's hear about beautiful YOU. In this prompt, you may only write about the GOODNESS that you are. :)


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  3. Hey ya'll! I'll be checking you out tomorrow - I just barely got this posted before I have to walk out the door today (Sunday). Can't wait to read what you've written. Shari - I have some catching up to do with you! :)