Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slice of Life #66: Under The Sea

image from a screensaver shot

My children LOVE movies about marine life. More specifically, they love those documentaries like Blue Planet or the old Jacques Cousteau shows. We were watching one today, and my husband started talking about his diving trips. My little ones listened with wide eyes when he described touching the tail of an eel so it would pop out and scare their grandpa! It got me thinking... we should write about life under the sea!

Ever been to the beach? Ever been fishing, or snorkelling, or scuba diving? If not, is that on your bucket list? Have you ever been to an aquarium like the Monterey Bay Aquarium? A trip to Sea World, perhaps? Or maybe you've donated to a group that saves marine life and you're passionate about keeping the oceans pure. Whatever contact you have (or haven't had) with life under the deep blue sea is ready to be written.

So go write... and come up for air when you're done. :D


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