Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slice of Life #30: Kitchen Disasters!

Thanks to everyone who shared last week!
I just got back in town, so I'm behind -
mine will be up tomorrow.

Remember this scene in Christmas Vacation?

Christmas Vacation is one of our (my husband and I) favorite holiday movies, simply because we relate to it on so many crazy levels. One of the best scenes is Clark Griswald digging into a gorgeous turkey, and it explodes. I have SO been there.

In fact, I know we all have. No matter how good we are in the kitchen, we all have those fabulous stories of good food gone bad under our tutelage. So let's hear about the apple butter that had a smoky flavor, or the burnt gingerbread people left out on the porch to greet the guests. Or the time you made a cake out of wheat flour that was so hefty, calling it a brick is too nice. If you have pictures.... oh my goodness, how awesome would that be!

Remember: disaster + time = a good laugh. Have some fun this week - share your not-so-shining moments in the kitchen!


  1. Okay - my link for last week's prompt is posted with the others. Whew! :)

  2. I like the kitchen disaster theme.