Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slice of life #28: Ice, Ice Baby...

I hope everyone in the states had a very nice Thanksgiving!
Special thanks to Cindy and Annette for hanging in
there with me over the holiday - I appreciate it!!!

(I get lonely when it's only me)

A tree in my friend Jennifer's yard
Blackfoot, Feb. 2010

The temperatures were so low that the fog
crystalized on the trees.


Well, if you've been watching the news, you know that Idaho got slammed with a blizzard days before Thanksgiving. Yep - this Texan's very first blizzard, and I'm happy to report deaths were minimal and the power stayed on.

But the roads are STILL a mess in some areas!

The subject on everyone's mind - it's coooold. There's icicles hanging over our windows like the giant teeth in Star Wars. Icy roads. Ice in our drinks.... NOT! Ha-ha, gotcha! So let's write about ice. It can be anything from an experience you've had driving on ice to playing with dry ice, or even laying in ice to bring a fever down. Ice skating, slipping on the ice, iced lemonade on a hot day... why, even a hail storm is ice from the sky, and that counts too. The prompt is for both Personal or Family Histories.

Ready? Set? Think ice!

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