Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slice of Life #8: The Good-bye

Many thanks for the spectacular fireworks stories!
They were superb!

The last picture made of Love's Labors Lost Production -
the last official function that yr of our commonwealth school.
Some kids said good-bye to the school that day...

My apologies that I am posting this a few hours late. My husband emailed an application on Wednesday, and was hired on Thursday. This meant that today, he is leaving for twenty days, back ten days (on a regular basis). My family is used to him being self-employed and around ALL the time. I've been busy trying to prepare the little ones for the adjustment, but there were still tears from my oldest boy when he figured it out yesterday. Some of my girls are glad though, because they know he'll be better able to provide. So you might say feelings are mixed.

That got me thinking about other good-byes. Sometimes we're quite glad to say good-bye to something - a stinker boss, school when we graduate, and when we leave home to go on vacation. Sometimes good-byes are sad - death, a loved one leaving home for the military, or even moving from a place you loved.

Our ancestors weren't much different - Dad's left families behind to provide for them. Parents watched children leave to immigrate in another country. Pioneers buried many loved ones along the Oregon trail. And sometimes it was exciting and they were happy, and other times it wasn't.

Good-bye. We say it so often. Let's focus on one and write about it. =)


  1. MMMM, where is Mr. Linky?? Great subject, gonna think about this one.

  2. Thank you Carol! I looked at that post three times and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it! Hopefully once he's gone I'll get my brain back. Appreciate your reminder!

  3. Welcome, now, I have to think harder, and write something! LOL

  4. Thanks I actually needed that.